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Eurobeck Ltd will continue to provide and develop its unprecedented bespoke service to each and every one of its clients. Our representatives and teams are available to network the whole of the country as all our team members are hand picked to suit the individual tasks as required by our Clients to achieve the best possible standards.

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Route Planning: - Our specialised team service and advise our Clients on the best possible routes and also carrying out full feasibility studies of all given options as required. Through the feasibility study we are able to highlight the vast majority of any potential risks to any proposed projects, for example, time and costs together with all other land associated issues where potential project timelines may be affected or critical.

Land Referencing: - Our experienced team are able to identify the individual land ownership interests within the bands of interest, whether for up front geological, environmental, archaeological, ecological surveys, instance borehole surveys or main route corridor referencing. Our team take all the necessary detailed photographic record of conditions pre-entry, record any incidents during project works and again complete a detailed record once all works have been concluded. Our team also listen to the concerns and desires of the land owner/occupier permitting an appropriate business relationship to grow and mature over the period of the project.

Agricultural Inspection / Liaison Services: - We have a large resource of qualified Agricultural Inspectors who are able to ensure infrastructure works across agricultural land are carried out in accordance with the best standards set by the industry. Our Agricultural Liaison Officers have many years of experience within the utility industry and are the main interface between the landowners / Occupiers and the main works contractor during a project build.

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Negotiations: - Undertake negotiations for new assets, easements, wayleaves, site acquisitions, land access rights whether temporary or permanent, and the review of any existing rights due for renewal. We undertake all the necessary consultations whether with stakeholders or third parties, pre, during and on completion of infrastructure projects.

Crop Loss & Reinstatement Claims: - Our experienced team undertake the completion of surface loss claims, during project phase pre-entry, post entry running through to full and final surface loss and reinstatement claims on completion of project maintenance period.

Remedial Reinstatement and Drainage Advice: - We undertake detailed onsite inspections and photographic reports on behalf of our utility clients advising on reinstatement and remedial land drainage solutions. We also have a nationwide network of Drainage Consultants allied with drainage sub contractors, all suitably qualified and certified for the Clients needs and requirements.

The Companies main individuals and all it’s team members have been responsible for hundreds and thousands of kilometres of all types of Utility pipelines and cables around the UK working on behalf multi fuel, gas, electricity, fibre optic, water, and rail access projects. The Company continues to grow as a team, along with it’s Clients, assuring satisfaction guaranteed.

If there is anything else you may need more information on, please email, telephone or go to our simple to use on-line eForm by clicking here ... or please contact Eurobeck Ltd now at:

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Ronnie Anker:+44 (0) 7770 727965

Sarah Franks: +44 (0) 7983 576536

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