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Below is a list of the projects Eurobeck Limited has been involved with since they were formed.

2006 - Present
Milford Haven to Aberdulais Pipeline: South Wales - 120km 1220mm 95bar pipeline. Easements, Site acquisitions Block Valves & AGI’s, Compensation and Onsite field support throughout the Project. Environmental Agreements, digital mapping, Remedial Reinstatement Works including Land Drainage and Reinstatement Reports. Compensation to full and final agreements and closure.

2012 - Present
Felindre to Brecon & Brecon to Tirley: South Wales - 160km 1220mm 95bar pipeline. Reinstatement, Remedial Drainage Reports and recommendations in order to conclude remedial issues and closure of compensation to full & final.
Northern Gas Networks: Lambley to Alston, Hexham, 180mm PE New Gas Pipe build.

2011 - 2012
Geo Fibre Optic cabling Project 2011-2012


Upper Neeston AGI & Connection
Pembrokeshire - Between National Grid & Murco. Referencing, Easements and Land acquisition. Compensation to full and final
Black Bridge AGI & Connection
Pembrokeshire - National Grid & RWE NPower. Referencing, Easements, Land acquisition. Compensation to full and final.

2010 - 2011
Geo Networks (Formally 186k) 850km Fibre Optic Cable Project
Managing easements, access, reinstatement, onsite support and compensation to full & final.

2009 -2011
Warwick Energy Exploration Ltd
Hydrocarbon exploration within the North Yorkshire Moors National Park, appraisal and land negotiations. 2009/2011

2007 -2008
A47 Earl Shilton By-Pass (GAS)
Northern Gas Networks replacement of HP mains
Between Carlisle and Hexham.

Yorkshire Water Route Replacement
Bishop Burton to Market Weighton 2007

Edingale to Drakelow Power Station for E.ON (GAS)
Northern Gas Networks
Replacement of sections of MP Gas pipe around Sunderland, Teeside and Newcastle.

2006 - 2012
National Grid Gas Milfordhaven to Tirley
1220mm 95bar Gas Pipeline construction (280km length)

Two Directional Drills Under the River Great Ouse (GAS)
To bury the No.2 and No.4 Feeder Mains and Slabbing Works at Middleton and West Winch in Norfolk.

2005 - 2012
Felindre to Brecon (GAS)
South Wales – involved with re-fencing Aberdulais to Llanvetherine South Wales

2004 - 2006
1962 Pipelines Act. Thames Mersey diversion Pipeline
Stafordshire - 16km 300mm 75bar Multi Fuel pipeline. Referencing, easements, subterranean leases, site acquisition and compensation to full and final agreements. UK OP / BPA Pipeline.
Manton Tower to Higham 6km 400mm Water Pipeline
Northamptonshire - Replacement Scheme. Anglian Water
Marholm Bank WM Replacement 3km 600m Water Pipeline
Cambridgeshire - Anglian Water
Finedon to Irthlingborough 8km DG2 400mm Water Pipeline
Northamptonshire - Anglian Water.

Ashby Folville to Thurcaston (GAS)
Lincolnshire Ares (GAS)
Up-Rate of Feeders 2,4 & 7
Diversion of NOS 7,9 AND 18 Feeder Mains (GAS)
To accommodate the A421 Great Barford By-Pass

2003 - 2005
Towcester Road Mains Replacement
Northamptonshire - 3km Gas 300mm 35 bar pipeline. Referencing, easements, onsite field support and compensation to full and final agreements.
EDF Energy Cherry Green to Read Overhead Line and tower Replacement Scheme
Cambridgeshire - 14km 132kV & 33kV Overhead line. Route Corridor Feasibility Study, Land use, Planning, environment, archaeology, digital mapping, easements, site acquisition, onsite field support and compensation.
EDF Energy Little Barford to Maddingley Overhead Cable Line Replacement Scheme
Cambridgeshire - 30km 33kV & 11kV Referencing, Route Planning, Site acquisition, wayleaves, easements, onsite field support and compensation to full and final.
EDF Energy M1 Widening Project
Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire - 34km 132kV, 33kV & 11kV diversions. Referencing, Route Planning, Site acquisition, wayleaves, easements, and compensation.
EDF Energy Environmental Tree Cutting Scheme 
564 Grantors. Referencing, Access Agreements, Record of Conditions, wayleaves, onsite field support and compensation to full and final.
Several acquisitions of Gas Governor Sites around Sheffield, Wakefield, Barnsley and Leeds.

Acquisitions for Transco Governor Site locations
· Royal Oak Drive, Selston

· Batchworth Drive, St Albans

· Victoria Street, St Albans. Referencing, site acquisitions

British Telecommunications
Apparatus throughout the UK. Referencing & Recording BT apparatus on numerous estates & private land throughout the UK, mainly East Midlands and Southern Counties.

Hutchison Network Services UK Limited (Formally 186k)
Nation Wide - Managing, designing and overseeing remedial drainage works onsite, undertaking land referencing and closing all outstanding reinstatement and land drainage issues with all landowners.

Transco Wentworth to Brampton
New build PE Gas Pipeline.

2002 - 2003
Darfoulds to Whitwell Pipeline
Nottinghamshire - 8km 315mm 35 Bar Gas Pipeline. Referencing, Route Planning, Site Acquisition, easements, onsite field support and compensation to full and final.
Caenby Corner to Gainsborough Pipeline Phase 1, 2 & 3
Lincolnshire - 16km 400mm Gas reinforcement, Route Planning, Site acquisition, easements, onsite field support and compensation to full and final.
Bacton to King’s Lynn (GAS)

Gas Replacement Schemes
· Rollesby Road, Kings Lynn 200mm Pipeline 
· Houghton Mill, Cambridge 180mm Pipeline
· Black Bridge, Huntingdon 180mm Pipeline
· Selston, Nottinghamshire 180mm Pipeline
Guardian Glass Supply (Gas)

1999 - 2002
186K Fibre Optic Project (Lattice Group)
Central & Northern Loop, 1,500km route across country with 8 main ducts. Land Manager. Route Corridor feasibility studies and final route planning. Route referencing, environment, archaeology, digital mapping, easements, site acquisitions, leases, onsite field project support and compensation to full and final.

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